Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The voice of Eden Paradox is coming...

At the end of September, all four books in the Eden Paradox series will be launched in audible format. For more information, and for pre-order, click here. Must admit, I can't wait to hear them. I was able to be involved in selecting the narrator, which was fun, fitting the voice to the style of the books. The final choice, Ed Mitchell, seemed a good fit for Micah in particular.

Meanwhile, the books are still selling strong, passed the 10,000 sales mark this year alone at the end of August, with most sales in the UK followed by the US. Micah and the rest of the gang are very happy about it!

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Sales up again...

Two weeks after Amazon started listing the books again, sales are creeping up again - not quite at their June levels, but respectable (1000 sales in the past couple of weeks). Still really no explanation about why the books were de-listed, but once the Society of Authors intervened on my behalf, within 24 hours, four of the books were back on sale, and then the fifth was reinstated as well a few days later. I guess I'll never know what really happened.

Putting this behind me, it's time to restart work on the next series with the first book When the Children Come, which I hope to release for Xmas. An early professional reviewer pitched it as being somewhere between Birdbox and Bodysnatchers, but with more science fiction behind it, and written in a Lee Child style. Not bad...
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