Sunday, 1 November 2020

The new scifi novel, When the Children Come is finally available for pre-order on Amazon. Release date is 8th January. Here's the blurb:

Nathan, emotionally scarred after three tours in Afghanistan, lives alone in Manhattan until New Year’s Eve, when he meets Lara. The next morning, he notices something strange is going on – a terrified kid is being pursued by his father, and a girl, Sally, pleads with Nathan to hide her from her parents. There is no internet, no television, no phone coverage. 

Nathan, Lara and Sally flee along the East Coast, encountering madmen, terrorists, the armed forces, and other children frightened for their lives. The only thing Nathan knows for sure is that he must not fall asleep...

A fantastic and original premise…flashes of Stephen King and MR Carey.” Tom Witcomb

A nicely taut thriller, with a Lee Child feel to its staccato writing and strong action sequences, and a high concept stretching the novel into true science fiction territory.” Amanda Rutter 

Not just a page-turner – all in all a fabulous novel, which I was sad to finish.” Loulou Brown

There will also be a blog tour timed with the release, so I'm hoping for some good reviews. Now, I just need to start writing the sequel...

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Going speculative...

On the forthcoming new novel, When the Children Come, I decided the overall premise wasn't 'speculative' enough, as in thought-provoking. Essentially the book starts off with a kind of Birdbox feel, then transitions into scifi when an alien ship is detected in deep orbit. 
There are many potential reasons why aliens might come to Earth, and most of these have been done to death before, with such tropes as 'they want to eat us, they want our water, our planet, they want to destroy us because aliens are just plain nasty,' etc. I've already used a variant of one of these for the Eden Paradox series, and wanted to do something different, something new. 
Something that no one has tried before.
Given the body of scifi work, that's a big ask. So, I did research on all the various scifi tropes in films, TV series and of course books, and then I started looking at astrobiological chat-sites...
And then I drank a lot of coffee, and came up with something. In part it's inspired by something that happens in the final Eden Paradox book (Eden's Endgame), and is also a bit related to what I want to cover in the fifth Eden book I want to start writing in 2020, Eden's Legacy.
I'm now working it into the novel. Happily, it doesn't affect the first two thirds, only the last part. 
No spoilers. 
Happy 2020 to all my readers!
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