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Science Fiction Weapons 2: Eden's Arsenal

A couple of weeks ago I asked other science fiction readers on Reddit Scifi for ideas on weapons for my third novel in the Eden Trilogy, called Eden's Revenge, so here is what I came up with (and thanks to many people for the advice!).

First, a bit of background: The Eden Trilogy charts humanity's entrance into a pretty hostile alien galaxy, where a multi-cultural alien hierarchy known as Grid Society runs everything, and what matters most is how intelligent each species is: there are nineteen levels, and humanity is rated Level Three, so we have to hit the ground running...

In the first book The Eden Paradox which is based mainly on Earth and Eden, I used the following weapons:

Fly-drones - these are nuclear warheads each on a highly mobile chassis so they can zig and zag the way flies and mosquitoes do - makes them almost impossible to shoot down. Used in WWIII on Earth. The only defense was a 'nuclear curtain', which did almost as much damage as if the drones had reached their target.

Neutralino Detonator: not intended as a weapon as such, rather a 'starter motor' for FTL travel, but used on Eden as a last resort. Sends out increasing busts of high energy particles, crystallizing vast areas of land.

Drone 'head can' missiles: used on Eden; the user is 'virtually' inside the missile, and when it reaches target or is destroyed, his or her situation awareness snaps into the next remaining missile. usually loaded with C6, an upgrade on current C4 explosives.

Pheromone homing darts: used by the assassin Gabriel, these home in on a human target's unique pheromone signature.

Nanosword: used by Sentinel Cheveyo, basically a laser sword with a cool fluorescent blue 'blade' - the only hand-to-hand weapon which can penetrate the Q'Roth exoskeleton. Okay, obviously a Gedi rip-off...

Hextrite: an explosive that causes a vertical decompression wave, collapsing buildings.

Pulse weapons: pistols or rifles based on high energy laser bursts. Can be switched into 'freeflow' mode, but this naturally burns out their power cells very fast (10-15 seconds).

In the second book in the series, Eden's Trial, the story moves off-world and out into our galaxy, where mankind encounters various other races, and then gets put on trial to decide if mankind is worthy to survive or should be eradicated.

Genetically-coded eradicator: used by the (Level 8) Ossyrian species, this weapon seeks out any life form within a certain radius which does not have Ossyrian DNA, and then the virus attacks such organic matter at the molecular level. Used only in defense in extreme circumstances, since the Ossyrians are a medical race.

Dark worms: huge creatures which dwell in space, whose biology is mainly made up from dark matter and energy. They annihilate anything they come into contact with at the sub-atomic level. They were kept out of the galaxy by the Galactic Barrier until Qorall (from the Silverback Galaxy) brought it down.

Kinetic weapons: when Qorall attacks the barrier, he does so with a massive battery of meteorites and planetary matter.

Liquid diamond drill: used to penetrate anything, creates a very small hole which the liquid diamond then widens, by forming a stent. Used by Qorall.

Leap-frogger: a little-understood gravity-based weapon used by Qorall to displace an entire defense fleet, pulling it into space behind it while his own fleet jumps ahead (Newton's 2nd Law). It's a weapon depending where the original fleet ends up...

Jump-space mines: highly illegal, used by the Mannekhi to mine areas of hyperspace. If one attaches to the hull of a ship entering hyperspace, it is destroyed inside, and never exits.

Mannekhi disruptor: a hand-held weapon with various levels from stun to vaporize. Used by the Mannekhi, a Level Five species, the only other humanoid-shaped species in the galaxy.

In Eden's Revenge, the last in the series, the stakes go up, as our galaxy becomes the battlefield between Qorall, the Tla Beth, and the Kalarash, all above Level Seventeen, with humanity caught in the middle. Most of the following weapons are 'Inferno Class'.

Black hole mines: micro-blackhole weapons used to penetrate any defense, or to implode a ship.

Planet-breaker: anti-matter weapon used by (Level 6) Q'Roth. Fires 'tendril-like' waves which lash around the planet, breaking through its crust, allowing magma to flow to the surface. Early experiments with this technology rendered the Q'Roth home planet almost uninhabitable.

Kinetic weapons: Qorall uses a worm-hole to send planets with de-stabilised cores to destroy one of the Q'Roth shipyards. As Q'Tor, one of the Q'Roth commanders remarks, basically a very large grenade...

Metastaser: a Tla Beth (Level 17) weapon which is fired at one ship in a fleet, and then radiates out to other ships bearing similar attributes. Basically a fleet destroyer.

Novator: Qorall uses these on systems which refuse to surrender, basically sending their suns supernova, wiping out life over a vast distance.

Galaxy-destroyer: referred to in Book Two, this is the one the Tla Beth and Kalarash are most afraid of, since last time Qorall was losing the war in the Silverback Galaxy, he unleashed it, annihilating all of its suns. As humanity will find out, it isn't actually a weapon - the destruction of a galaxy is 'merely' a side-effect of it's true function...

Various Beam weapons, torpedoes, pulse cannons, etc. are used by battleships and Destroyer Class vessels. I'm sure I'll add a few more as I work on Eden's Revenge.

More suggestions welcome!

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