Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What will meetings look like in five hundred years' time?

During the Fukushima nuclear accident, I watched as each decision seemed to take too long, letting the accident worsen, and I wondered how executive decisions would be made in the future. Threats then would probably be of a different nature, but would still need people - probably based on different planets light years apart - to reach an agreement quickly.

The short story 'Executive Decision' concerns Sally, codename Remtak, who is called into such a meeting. She is good at making tough calls, but the future she lives in is not a hospitable one... The story is published on Piker Press, to read it click here.

Two other free stories concerning this patricular universe, called Sphericon, where humanity is dominant but not particularly pleasant, are The Sylvian Gambit, and also The Sapper - see Stories on this website.

For novel-length science fiction, see The Eden Paradox on Amazon, the sequel Eden's Trial coming soon.

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