Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Eden's Revenge - Prologue opening

I'm currently working on book 3 of the Eden Trilogy, and thought I'd share some of it. I'm on chapter 6 of 30 at the moment, and the section below is the draft opening of the book (Prologue). It may change, and I hope will improve, but I thought it might be of interest to any readers of the second book (Eden's Trial) in particular, who now have to wait for nine months to find out what happens in the final installment. If you have read Eden's Trial, no prizes for guessing which ship is being referred to...

In the pure darkness of the inter-galactic void, just outside the Hourglass Galaxy, a ruby gash opened up in the fabric of space, as if slashed by a razor. The tear widened to a bloodshot eye, a blacker-than-black pupil irising open at its centre. An aquamarine ship emerged, shaped like an elongated crossbow, its central shaft ten kilometres long. The eye blinked and was gone, starless space snapping closed as if the portal had never existed.

The ship and its four passengers hung outside the shimmering galactic barrier as it rippled slowly, buffeted by dark energy riptides trying to seep in. The three humans in the arrowhead section stared in awe at the broiling tumble of billions of stars speckled with red and violet nebulas, the galaxy’s waist visible as a tightening brightness that hurt the eyes after nine years inside the trans-galactic shunt. The fourth occupant, Kalaran, was elsewhere and everywhere on the ship, his mind long since melded with its organic-metal physiology. He sent the access codes, but the barrier stayed up.

Kalaran set the black hole syringe to work, and checked that the hollow moon they had towed all the way from the Silverback Galaxy – which humans called the ‘Milky Way’ – had made it through. It had, and remained masked in its null entropy field. He hoped he wasn’t going to need it, but it was insurance; he couldn’t come this far for nothing.

After reaching the age of two and a half billion angts, Kalaran had hoped he was done with arguing. But within five human days his erstwhile colleague arrived at the other side of the barrier, and the onslaught began. Kalaran had at least expected a ‘Hello’. Truth was, when there are only seven of your species left in the entire universe, each one in their own adopted galaxy, and all of them leagues ahead of every other species in the known universe, privacy became a premium, irritability a honed reflex.

"Whatever it is you want, Kalaran, the answer's no."

to be continued

The Eden Paradox is available in paperback & ebook from Amazon
Eden's Trial is available in ebook from Amazon and paperback June 2012
Eden's Revenge is due September 2012


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