Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Eden's Trial on Amazon Prime & Eden's Revenge Update

First - just to let people know that if any of you reading this have Amazon Prime, Eden's Trial (ebook) is now free for you for a month. It means you can download it for free from Amazon while the offer lasts.

Feedback so far is mixed on the two books: some prefer The Eden Paradox, some Eden's Trial, and the rest just ask me when Eden's Revenge will be coming out :-) Below is an update on progress.

So far I've penned six chapters of book 3 (Eden's Revenge), which is the climax of the trilogy. It's not easy,   as I've not yet determined the overall arc of the middle and end of the book, though I know the ending, and who will be left standing.

Part One of the book is called 'Petra', and concerns a new character, a genetically engineered young woman. For fans of The Eden Paradox, Gabriel is back (I had yet another fan ask me for this just today) - well, his son, at least. I am working on deepening the emotional aspect of the book, and also the scifi in terms of space battle scenes (because there is a war going on), but as always keeping it as visual as watching  film. I've been reading various authors for inspiration including Jack Campbell, who writes amazingly well on battles whilst keeping the reader interested in emotional subtext. All in all, Eden's Revenge is still not 'hard science fiction'. I want to keep it 'accessible'.

Also I'm developing the alien 'characters', particularly the Level 19 Kalarash, who it turns out have a dark sense of humor (similar to Iain Banks' 'minds' in his Culture novels), and some hostile environments including a malicious forest. But of particular interest are the spiders, whose role in the coming galactic war is hinted at in the closing pages of Eden's Trial. All will be revealed at the end of the book...

Anyway, here's a taster from Chapter 3:

Beneath a lapis sky, Kat dodged between the pine spears raining down on her, each one whistling on its fifty metre descent before puncturing the mossy ground with a dull ‘pfft’, spattering musky soil into the air all around her. Fucking trees! She managed to hurdle a root rising from the spongy undergrowth in front of her, then duck as a branch swung down to head height. Up ahead a clearing invited, but she knew better – the shards of pine, self-sharpening as they tipped off the trees like weighted arrows, would get her for sure if she were out in the open.
            Kat ran close to the broad, gnarled trunks; she could imagine snarling faces in the bark’s twisted patterns, but she knew these trees weren’t that intelligent, probably not even self-aware, just damned lethal. As she lingered next to one, trying to catch her breath, a vine curled up her leg. She pulled out her knife and rammed it hard into the tree that reminded her of a giant redwood with a seriously bad attitude. She doubted the trees felt pain, but she needed to make a statement. She yanked her leg out of the coil and worked out her next sprint path, squinting through the forest of branches and leaves descending around her, trying to cocoon her into a shallow grave. A jet engine flared somewhere overhead – another reason to stay under the canopy.
She bolted away from the malevolent fir, rolling on the mossy ground to avoid spiky wooden claws reaching down for her. Just as her head was lifting from the ground, a patch of violet daisies squirted pollen, catching the left side of her face. Pain lanced into her left eyeball. Staggering blind for a moment, a branch from behind connected with her head like a baseball bat and sent her sprawling.
            Thick vines lost no time in trapping her ankles. Struggling onto her knees, she fished for her knife and found its sheath empty, the glimmer of her blade out of reach, sinking into the undergrowth as if it was quicksand. She looked upwards: four massive pines loomed overhead, tilting, closing around her. She knew what was next. Considering her options, she decided she had none, other than becoming fertiliser. Sharp cracks above announced that a shower of spears was on its way. She kept her eyes open. Rather than pointlessly placing her hands over her head, she folded them, and held her breath.

to be continued...            

The Eden Paradox available in paperback and ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones
Eden's Trial available in ebook from Amazon (free with Amazon Prime), paperback Autumn 2012
Eden's Revenge - due late 2012
See also 'Stories' on this website, for free published stories online.

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