Sunday, 1 July 2012

Update on Eden's Revenge

People keep asking me two questions:

1. When is the paperback version of Eden's Trial coming out?
2. When is Eden's Revenge coming out?

So, here's an update. The paperback is scheduled for early release September, just trying to sort out cover details, layout, printing, all that stuff with my publisher.

Eden's Revenge will be coming out late Fall, hoping for November, but definitley before Xmas. I'm actually sorting out the cover design today, looking at two Science Fiction cover artists who do fantastic artwork. This is going to be an ebook first off, and a paperback later.

Now time for a confession... which I hope will be good news!

Eden's Revenge won't be the last of the series. There will be a fourth and final book, Return to Eden, in April 2013, which will close the series.

I've just been polishing a couple of the later chapters in Eden's Revenge, and they get me excited, so please just stay with me, I'm getting these books out as fast as I can!

The Eden Paradox available on Amazon (paperback and ebook), Barnes & Noble, Ampichellis and Waterstones.

Eden's Trial available on Amazon (paperback in the Fall)

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