Saturday, 18 August 2012

Grid News #1

Once a week I read The Economist, which keeps me up to date on world affairs and politics. I wondered what The Economist might look like in the future... So, for a while now I have been playing with  the idea of writing a newsletter of my own, but not a normal one... The Grid News below is from the future, and is set in the galactic society that is the background to my Eden Paradox series. So, if you've read The Eden Paradox and Eden's Trial, you might find it interesting, as it hints at things going on in Book 3 (due Xmas 2012), and gives more background to the different alien species and their politics. Anyway, the plan is to do a newsletter once per month... Feedback welcome, I'm happy to add a 'letters to the editor' column!

Spindate 1056709.3

Gridbuzz on Kalaheii Return…
Every few decades it seems collective paranoia kicks in around the Grid, about the potential return of the mythically destructive Kalaheii race who purged their own Jannahi galaxy two billion angts ago. This time the gossip trigger is a massive military exercise in the Syntaran sector just inside the Galactic barrier. A Tla Beth spokesbeing confirmed this is purely an exercise, albeit with full weaponry and MedEvac support. “Nothing to be alarmed about.” As we at Grid News often  say, ‘watch this space…’

Hohash Sighting? Are they back?
Almost equally legendary, the omnipathic artefacts known collectively as Hohash have been missing for half an aeon. A standard recon mission to a terraformed planet known as Eden (GalRef 52341ax6732) found fragments of Octinium, the incredibly expensive-to-manufacture glass used to construct a Hohash mirror device. To be expected, the material was quickly seized by the Rangers for further study. A Finchikta spokesfem, in a rare expression of outrage, demanded that the fragments be made available for study (aka worship) by the Finchikta, who revere these artefacts, believed to be the tools of the Kalarash.

Q’Roth Soldiers Crush Mannekhi Uprising
Three entire sectors of Mannekhi space remain off limits following an uprising in the so-called ‘Jewel Space’ area. This is the fourth insurgency in the past two decades, and follows failure of their petition to ascend to Level Six status under the patronage of the Scintarelli, famed starship makers. The Q’Roth, as usual, were accused of being heavy-handed, with the final death toll unknown but likely to be in five digits. A Mannekhi transit mine destroyed a Q’Roth Hunter Class vessel and sixteen of their warrior caste. The ruling Tla Beth Regional Commissioner warned the Mannekhi leaders that if this is repeated, Shrell will be called in to poison space around those planets found responsible, which will be disastrous for their trade.

Mannekhi Surprise Lead in Games
Still on the subject of Mannekhi and Q’Roth, the six thousandth Games, still in progress, now has only five contestant teams remaining of the original one hundred and forty, one of whom is Mannekhi. The Q’Roth team is also still in the running. If it comes down to these two gene-enemy teams for the final to-the-death match, Games sponsors will be happy indeed, as advertising revenues are likely to soar.

Incursion of ‘Earth’ Successful
The Q’Roth incursion of a remote Level Three planet on exa-spiral 4A proceeded as planned, a Q’Roth source said. Some Level Four life was found, and the Q’Roth agreed to be their patron as per Gridlore.
Shrell Bid to Limit Transits Fails
The Shrell Ambassador left the Tla Beth hearing without comment after the Shrell bill to slow down traffic in certain ‘space-worn’ sectors was dismissed by the Tla Beth Council on the grounds of insufficient evidence. The Shrell are concerned that subspace rifts may form, as happened in the Tarxalon region seven hundred angts ago, creating local pockets of ‘quickspace’, lethal to any transiting traffic. An unofficial Shrell source said that the evidence was plain to see by “anyone willing to open their gills.”  


  1. Where are the 'recipes' and crossword puzzles?

    Nicely played Barry.

  2. Hmmm.... Crosswords would have to be N-dimensional of course... Will work on that! As for recipes... Q'Roth soup, maybe, LOL


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