Sunday, 2 September 2012

Eden's Trial out in paperback (finally :-)

Book two of the Eden Paradox series is now finally out in paperback. I have had various 'non-kindle-friendly' fans (mainly in the UK) hounding me for this one, so I can happily say it s now out there... except that it is currently only available on and other Amazon outlets (e.g.

The cover design closely follows book one with the familiar  'ankh' sign above a vortex, which relates to the galactic trial that is the subject of the book (Eden's Trial). I plan to do a proper book launch and signing in the UK soon...

The cover for book 3 has a more classic science fiction feel, with a couple of battlestar warships chasing a smaller ship, which relates to the final scenes in book 3 (Eden's Revenge), which I am just finishing writing (one chapter and an epilogue to go).

And here's the first official sale of Eden's Trial to a couple of friends this morning (Vanessa and Graham) in sunny Meudon just outside Paris, Graham suitably attired with an astronaut tee-shirt!

Although intended to be a trilogy, there will be a fourth book, Return to Eden, which will complete the series. Obviously I haven't started that one yet, though I have started plotting it, and I know which characters will make it to book four...

Now, back to that final chapter of Eden's Revenge, where we're going to find out what the Kalarash's enemy Qorall is really up to...

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