Friday, 9 August 2013

Eden's Galactic Timeline

TIME (past)
2 billion years
War between Kalarash – highest Level beings known in Universe – and Qorall, in Jannahi Galaxy. Qorall believed dead. Galaxy destroyed. Seven Kalarash travel to Silverback Galaxy (human name: “Milky Way”).
Various civilisations rise and fall. Five Kalarash leave Galaxy.
>2 million years
Grid Society established under Kalarash guidance. Grid is a transport hub traversing a third of the galaxy. Grid Society strongly hierarchical based on Levels of intelligence. Kalarash are Level 19. [Humanity is Level 3].
2 million years
Kalarash disappear. Level 17 Tla Beth left in charge, supported by Level 15 Rangers (reptilian).
50000 years
Anxorian (Level Sixteen) Rebellion threatens Grid. Tla Beth genetically alter Grid species 195 [Q’Roth] to become galactic foot-soldiers. Rebellion quashed. Anxorian species extinguished.
40000 years
Ossyrian (Level 8) race patronised by Tla Beth, become Medical race for the galaxy.
30000 years
Last sighting of a Hohash – Kalarash intelligent artefacts known as ‘omnipaths’.
Every 1000 years
Q’Roth newborns must seek out ‘nourishment’ by culling species Level 4 or below.
 ~ 1000 years
Q’Roth cull spider race on Ourshiwann (renamed Esperia)
Q’Roth scouts land on Earth. Broker a deal with Alician sect in exchange for upgrading Alicians to Level 5 and promised sponsorship by Q’Roth
952 AD
Ranger Shattrall crash-lands on Earth. Realises humanity targeted for culling. Warns local Tibetan tribe who become Sentinels. Sentinels engage in silent war with Alicians.
Q’Roth terraform Eden and plant egg nests.
Nanoplague on Earth. 50 million dead. Nannite technology banned. Plague instigated by Alicians, as harmful to Q’Roth.
Third World War on Earth. Environment sent into irrecoverable global warming. Alicians gain power through religious sect known as Fundies. Nuclear defences disarmed.
Eden discovered. First mission fails to return.
Second mission blows up en route.
2064 years
Blake and his crew go to Eden. Micah uncovers a murder at the Eden Mission. The Alicians rise up. The Q'Roth arrive.
The Eden Paradox
Mankind enters the Grid. After murder of Q’Roth ambassador, humanity placed on trial by Tla Beth. 
Qorall arrives in our galaxy.
Eden's Trial
After eighteen years of Quarantine, mankind is under attack again, and must find allies or perish. Kalarash return. War between Kalaran and Qorall rages across half the galaxy, Qorall targets humanity for destruction.
Eden's Revenge
Qorall is winning. A third race is awoken to tip the balance of the war. But can the machines ever be shut down again?
Eden's Endgame

All four books published. What will be left of humanity, or the galaxy even? Between the humans and the Alicians, who will be left standing?

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