Thursday, 3 October 2013

John Harris' first sketch for Eden's Endgame cover design

I'm a fan of the scifi artwork of John Harris, and his artwork has decorated the front covers of many of the scifi greats including Asimov, Orson Scott Card, and Jack McDevitt, and he recently prepared 12 images to illustrate John Scalzi's book The Human Division.

So I was pretty chuffed when I was able to use one of his illustrations for the front cover of my latest (third) book Eden's Revenge (being released 1st November). That painting happened to be available and it fit perfectly with the content of the book which climaxes in a space battle around a planet under siege.

Well, the first two books sold pretty well, so I decided to re-invest in the cover for the final book in the Eden Paradox series, Eden's Endgame, and have commissioned John to do the cover design. John's work is selling very well these days, and he is doing less book covers, so I feel very honored that he has the time to work on mine.

I sent John some text from the book to give some ideas. At the end of Eden's Revenge one of the main characters is given a sentient ship named Shiva, and in the final book the ship itself has her own character and a role to play. The ship is sent to rescue captives being held on a well-fortified planet called Savange, and so John had the choice of either going for a 'space' shot with the ship nearing the planet, or actually showing the ship down on the planet itself. As you can see, he went for the latter. This is just a preliminary sketch in pastels - the final result will be a much sharper picture done in oils on canvas.

I'm only a third of the way through writing Eden's Endgame at the moment, and have not reached the point where what John has depicted is happening, but now I'm in a rush to get there and write it!

As for how the picture might develop? Watch this space...

John's official website is here

The first three books are available from Amazon in ebook and paperback:
The Eden Paradox "Best science fiction of the year"
Eden's Trial "Galaxy-busting scifi"
Eden's Revenge  "Masterful science fiction"
Eden's Endgame due April 2014

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