Thursday, 5 December 2013

John Harris - Cover artwork for Eden's Endgame

 A while ago I posted the sketch for the cover art for the final book in the Eden Paradox series. Now the artwork has reached a more finalised status, so here it is!

The original sketch was a little more green and I asked John to render it more blue to fit in with the covers for the first three books, which he's done nicely. I also asked for the towers in the original sketch to be made more alien-looking. Well, bravo John!

The ship and the towers are fab in my opinion, as is the landscape and the people which give an idea of the scale.

The ship that dominates the cover is a Scintarelli Scythe ship - it has a crew complement of five, but can carry many more. It appears at the end of the third book (Eden's Revenge), and is there throughout the final book, Eden's Endgame (I'm still writing it). Weaponry on this ship is pretty much off the scale, although it gets a serious battering during the book.

The scene depicted is from later in the book when the ship - which is intelligent - is on a rescue mission on an alien planet. The towers? You''ll have to wait until you read it. Put it this way, they're not very friendly...

I'm also particularly pleased with this as John's artwork is very much in demand these days, and he is doing more commissions now simply for artwork rather than for book covers. Check out some of his amazing artwork here.

Okay, now I need to finish writing the scene this cover represents...

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