Saturday, 18 October 2014

Eden's Endgame Finished

Finished my final edit yesterday, and I just sent the manuscript of Eden's Endgame to two of my proofers. After that it goes to the publishers.
It was a bit of a Herculean effort to finalize it, after two years of writing and editing, and tying up everything from the first to the last book. 
Reading the last line, the very last word, knowing I was done with it, was quite an emotional moment. I've carried these characters in my head for almost a decade, it's not easy to say goodbye to them.
But I'm happy with it: the characters, their struggles, their loses and their victories, the inter-weaved plot (gave me many headaches and sleepless nights) and action, the science and the science fiction, the battle scenes, even the (fleeting) sex and romance scenes, and all the alien races who challenge us to be better. 
I hope the readers will find it a fitting end to the Eden Paradox saga.
It will be available throughout the galaxy by Xmas 


  1. Congratulations on finishing the saga! I checked Amazon today to see if book 4 is out yet, so I was very pleased to find that you finished the manuscript yesterday. Just make sure it's out for Christmas, because I badly need reading material for a rather long beach holiday :)

    Just a quick comment on your Books page, I wonder if the blurb for Endgame gives a bit too much of the plot away.

    Hope the thriller is progressing nicely, can't wait to meet the new characters!

    Best regards from Halden,

  2. Thanks Michael, maybe you're right, I'll cut it back a bit tonight before too many people read it :-)


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