Monday, 22 December 2014

Eden's Endgame paperback version published

Eden's Endgame was officially published today! It is now available in paperback from CreateSpace, and by the end of the week should be available on Amazon everywhere, again in paperback, and by the end of next week it will be available on Kindle. Since most of my readers use the Kindle, I'll let everyone know when that version becomes available.

This final volume has been two years in the making, and last Xmas I hit a real roadblock for a month when I could not work out how to end it! Luckily my brain came to the rescue and I'm now really pleased with the way it ends (and so too are all the pre-reviewers).

I wanted to have this one embody the best aspects of the previous three: the suspense and surprise from The Eden Paradox, the darker side of humanity and the layered plots from Eden's Trial, and the action, adventure and thrilling climax from Eden's Revenge (though I've made sure it isn't too 'breathless'). I feel I've put the most effort into this one since the Eden Paradox, since some of the plotlines (arcs) stretch all the way back to that first book, tying everything up, including our dual nemeses the Q'Roth and the Alicians. There is also a leavening of science fiction philosophy, concerning the true nature of clones, and whether having the Grid system with its levels of intelligence is finally a good idea or not. But at the end of the day it is about the characters, and who will be left standing - because a number of heroes fall in this final volume - and characters here also refer to aliens such as Kalaran, the Spiders, and of course the enigmatic Hohash...

As one of the reviewers says on the back of the book, "this is the bold conclusion the Eden Paradox series deserves."

Hope so!

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