Saturday, 19 September 2015

When the children come

I've been quiet for a couple of weeks since the York Writers Festival and the feedback on my diving novel Sixty-Six Metres. While I'm processing that and doing some editing, I've started a new scifi story: When the children come.

Here's the working 'blurb':
Nathan, a womanising loner, hates kids, but when children in his neighbourhood start to disappear, he realises he may be their last hope.

I had the idea back in 2011 but I was kind of busy writing the Eden Paradox series, and I thought it was never going to happen. But over the summer I kept thinking about the story, and to show myself it was a waste of time I started writing it. The writing flowed, seemed clean. Still, I wasn't convinced about it, so I took it to my writing group, assuming they would lambast me for it, ask me what I was thinking. I was wrong. They loved it.

So, it was originally going to be a short story, but I've plotted it and it should be seven chapters in total, so somewhere between a novella and a novelette. I just finished the second chapter. I hope to have it done by Xmas and released by the New Year.

It's a self-contained story, but it is also potentially the first in a series of novella-length episodes called Sphericon. On my website I have some free short stories, and two in particular (Executive Decision and The Sylvian Gambit) come from a future universe where humanity are dominant, but not the good guys anymore. When the children come is the beginning of our journey to becoming Sphericon.

So, we'll see how far this one goes.

You may be wondering why, if children are disappearing, the book is called 'When the children come'? That is a very good question...

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