Monday, 22 April 2019

A nice spike...

Since late January I've been re-branding and re-launching the books. Seems to be working. Although the books had sold quite well originally, in the last couple of years sales had pretty much slipped into a coma. I bought back the rights from the two indie publishers, and spent a lot of time on Kindle Create. So far, they've sold 600 in the past three months, and yesterday there was a nice spike (160 ebooks sold in one day) on Amazon US, UK and I got some new readers from Australia. Drove the first and second books up into the top 100 Cyberpunk and Alien Invasion categories on Amazon. They are still there, though maybe not for long...

So, while I'm waiting for the new novel to be reviewed (one of my pre-readers just finished it and loved it) I've started production of an Omnibus Edition of the entire Eden Paradox series - all four books in one volume. Few will buy the paperback version (though there will be one), but I'm hoping quite a few will buy the Ebook version, opening the series up to a new audience.

So, now I need to find a new cover, which is the fun part, and then compile all 4 volumes seamlessly into one, which is going to take me some time...

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